01. Welcome to esodai. By the terms and conditions set forth, eSodai gives you access to its website or through its mobile app, Facebook page or any other. By registering you can access the services using our website. If you do not wish to comply with our terms, you will not be allowed to use our website or our services.

02. Applies in accordance with Bangladesh Information and Communication Technology Act, 20 (ICT Act 2006) and the terms and conditions. This constitutes an effective and binding agreement between the Website and the User. It does not require any physical or digital signatures on both sides.

03. We reserve the right to change the Terms at any time. It will be effective only if published on the website.

     2. User eligibility

     2.1 The use of the Website is acceptable to persons who can legally contract in accordance with the 52 Contract Law.

     2.2 If you are under the age of 5 years, you will not register as a user, refrain from trading and using the Website.

3. Communication

   3.1 You have given us permission to contact you by posting notices via e-mail, SMS, phone call, Facebook or website.

   3.2 We also allow you to communicate in all mediums to provide you with services.

   3.3 Any person may register for the website and use our service through the website.

   3.4 If you wish to register your account with the website, you must register with a valid Bangladeshi mobile number and / or your Facebook account or your email address or create an account by filling in the details mentioned through the website registration form.    You will then receive a password or a one-time PIN number that you can use to order on the website.

   3.5 If you use the Website you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password and you are responsible for the activity that occurs on your username and account.

4. Rights Content may not be copied, posted, posted / published without e-mail without written permission.

5. Terms of the contract

    5.1 When ordering an order to purchase a product from us, we send a Product Format confirmation e-mail or SMS This is a contract known as “Sales Agreement”. The goods are delivered to your designated address in accordance with section 4 (1) of the product sales section of the year.

   5.2 You may cancel your Product Format at any time without having to pay any price before the product is delivered to you.

06 . Product description

     6.1 We do not produce any product ourselves. It does not provide any certification or reliance on the description of the product or any component of the product that it is accurate, completely reliable. If the product is not as described then the only remedy for you in this case is to return it unused.

      6.2 Despite our efforts, our products may be mistaken in writing the value of a small number of products. If the maximum retail price of the product sold is higher than our stated price, I will contact you before your order is delivered or your order canceled. And if the stated price of the product is less than the price, we will either replace your product upon acceptance or your money will be refunded according to your choice.

7. Policy of refund of merchandise

   7.1 A user may return a product at the time of delivery. (Within 3 days)

  •  If the product is not as expected by the user
  •  If the product is found damaged during delivery
  •  When in doubt about product quality and quantity
  •  If found to be unhealthy / unexpected
  •  If the product wrapping is not satisfied
  •  In case of inappropriate use of the product

7.2 But the following products may not be eligible for refund or replacement:

  •  If the product is damaged due to misuse
  •  Product damage caused by incidental damage
  •  Any edible product that has been used / planted
  •  Any product that is returned without all original wrapping accessories.

08. Refund Policy8.1 We do our best to serve our users. But in any case, if we fail to fulfill our promise, we will let you know within 24 hours via phone / email. If we fail to complete the service, and require a refund, it will be completed within a maximum of 7 days of our confession.

9 Supply policies

   9.1 We produce only a few products. Still tries to control the quality of all products, but does not guarantee any quality. We believe that the manufacturer / seller / supplier is fully capable of ensuring the quality of each product.

   9.2 If any user finds a product that is detrimental to our health, life or safety at the time of delivery of the product, we assume full responsibility and will refund the product. If the user faces a threat after 12 hours of delivery, we will consider this to be a quality assurance from the manufacturer or suppliers.

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