How to get our service
How to order the product
Customer service:
01 . First go to our site, where you enter the name of the product you need in the search bar and the product will float in front of you. Now you can easily add the product to your shopping bag – your order will be delivered to us as soon as all the products you need are completed in your bag, then your address and the exact delivery time will be fixed and you will call our representative to verify the validity of the order. . And then our delivery representative will come to you and deliver your market.

  1. You can also take the delivery of your required product details and your address to us by calling us via mobile phone or sms.
  2. Delivery charge:
    There is a home delivery free for any order over 500 tk. However, a charge of 20 tk will be applicable for shopping below 500.
    Ways to contact:
    You can contact by phone, massage, sms 01307434245 ,01874117161  To find out how to order with this number and facebook messenger, please e-mail Pabna or email:[email protected]om,[email protected]
  3. Payment way :
    You can pay the price by checking the product during delivery. You can also pay by credit card or development online.
  4. Price of goods :
    The prices of our products are equal to or near the prevailing price in the market. And no extra tax-free. Save time, we understand the value of your leisure time. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to spend time with your family. In addition, the prices of products on our site are lower than other super stores in the city and you will get more products from the grocery store next to your home. So why bother and go to the market?
  5. Delivery:
    We have our own vehicles and we are self-sufficient in service management. Our delivery representatives are trained to deliver your market to you.
  6. Opportunity to return the product: We do not return the product within 3 days unless it is damaged or opened. However, only 5 days return policy is applicable for vegetables and milk.
  7. Phone can be ordered :
    You can call to order on the phone; 125 To find out how to order with this number and Facebook Messenger, please write to E-mail Pabna or email [email protected], [email protected]
    The quality of the
  8. product :
    All of our products are either collected directly from the producers, or collected from highly trusted places. However, if we fail to satisfy customers, then any product must be refundable within 3 days.
    Baksheesh to the delivery
  9. representative :
    Boxing is not required. However, our delivery representatives are encouraged to recognize their hard work. And they enjoy the full amount of Baksheesh.

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