And why not be stuck in one place, spread your business across the country.

What is Esodai dot com dot bd?

How does Esodai Dot Com BD help you grow your business?

If you are thinking of modern business planning at a low cost to expand your business that will make your product known to the customer in a very short time, as well as expand your business excellence in a competitive marketplace, then Esodai.Com BD may be for you. A Complete Business Platform.
Esodai.Com BD conducts various promotional activities throughout your business expansion that can simultaneously broaden your path to becoming a successful businessman, in addition to your product’s contacts, sales and dividends.
With the ‘Business Partnership’ project, Esodai.Com BD serves as the online partner (e-tailor) of your enterprise, which definitely influences your branding as well as sales. Besides, you can deliver your products through our delivery network all over Bangladesh at the fastest time to buyers from different corners of the country.
Promote and promote your product:

Esodai.Com  is always aware of the positive acceptance of BD vendors’ products. In order to maximize the promotion and promotion of the brand / product of the vendor, Esodai.Com uses various promotional tools based on BD technology. In addition to traditional promotions such as television / radio advertising, billboards or banners or festoons,Esodai.Com com BD will market your product under a comprehensive promotional package to give you a clear idea about your product market.
In addition to the recent popular social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, has a unique role in promoting the technology.

Product Photography, Design & Publishing

By its own development team, photographers and designers, Esodai.Com publishes the product offering to BD vendors to ensure the quality of all product images.

How to sell your product through Esodai.Com com BD?

You must first register as a merchant
Once the registration is done, you will need to login using your User ID or Email ID.
When you login, you will see the Merchant Dashboard
Click on the Product tab, click Add New Product and provide the required information, including product images, prices, details and click on the Submit button. You’re done
Our team will verify your submitted product information and contact you if any changes are needed. And if everything is in accordance with the dreamy policy, your product will be published on this site.

Is esodai.combd Communications:

You can contact the mobile number and address provided on the website.

Can I give details of the product at com BD?

You can offer your product according to any sub-category / product type, which is comprised of different categories at Check out our categories and subcategories to get a clear idea about this.

How can I find information about ordering or selling my product?

Notification will be sent as soon as the e-mail is sent to the email ID you use at the time of registration. You will arrange product delivery as per the notification.

Are there any charges or fees?
No annual or monthly charges or fees have to be paid. However, the commission will be deducted at the rate of 5% on your selling price. And if you do not do the delivery yourself, the delivery charge will be deducted.

Can I do my product delivery manually?

Yes, of course you can do the delivery of your product yourself. However, in this case you must ensure delivery of the product at the promised time of Esodai.Com and be able to deliver to all the areas promised by Esodai.Com.

How do I change some of my seller / vendor account information?

If you need to change any of your account information, log into your account and make the necessary changes.

Product Description What to do if the commodity price or commissions change?

No, you cannot change any commission rate. Esodai.Com is protected by the Dot Commission Rate Authority.

Customer Support Department:

Esodai.Com has its own functionality on the Customer Report.

Home Delivery:

The largest online shopping center, Esodai.Com , has home delivery systems.

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