Q: What is the Affiliate Program? How can I earn through the Affiliate Program?

Answer: First, what is Affiliate Marketing?
      Affiliate marketing is a process whereby you can earn commissions by marketing and selling other people’s products. At present, many people are making a huge amount of money or dollars by selling products online through ClickBank, E-Junkie, Commission Junction, LinkShare, Paydotcom, AvantLink, clicksure, Amazon’s product affiliate marketing. It is a little difficult to earn money from all these affiliate programs. It is a little difficult to get commissions from these sites as they do not transfer money directly to our local bank. There is an international account for transferring money from all these sites like Payoneer, moneybroker, paypall… .ect. PayPal has not been launched in Bangladesh yet. However, the money can be brought through Payoneer, the moneybroker. We (esodai.com.bd) are a Bangladeshi e-commerce site. We believe there are many talents in Bangladesh who are able to make good money online through affiliate marketing very easily. So we have started the Brano Affiliate Program so that you can earn money at home along with work / study without any hassle. Since we are Bangladeshi, there is no problem in our money transfer. To start dreaming affiliate marketing, you must first click on this link (esodai.com.bd) and complete the registration form and make an account in the affiliate program. After creating the account, the website will generate 3 IDs for your account to be used for tracking your sales. Not only that, by creating an account, it will also give you a referral link with your ID that you can use for marketing (eg email marketing, social sites (eg Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, G +) and blogs). Be careful not to change when sharing or copying the link.

Q: I do not have a website or blog website, can I still participate in the Esodai Affiliate Program?


Of course you can. If you do not have a blog or website, you can participate in the Esodai Affiliate Program. You can earn revenue by sharing on social sites (eg Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, G +), e-mail marketing, article marketing, video marketing and more.

Q: Where can I find my affiliate link?

When you log into your account you will see a graph below this graph and clicking on the Referral link or the Creatives tab you will see the link that you can use for affiliate marketing.

Q: Is my blog or website eligible for approval in the Esodai Affiliate Program?

We do not have any authorization to share our products on any Adult Blog or Website. Any type of website or blog other than an Adult Blog or Website is eligible for approval in our Affiliate Program.

Q: Do I need to spend / be a member of the Affiliate Program of Dreams?

No, you do not need to spend or spend any money to become a member of the Esodai Affiliate Program. You can become a member of our Affiliate Program for free. Where not to be deceived by spending money for this purpose.

Q: What can I earn from the Esodai Affiliate Program?

It will totally depend on you. We can only help you with promoting the product if you need any help. Your income will depend entirely on your sales. However, wise affiliate marketers believe that if you can do marketing of your product properly, you will earn good returns. The wise affiliate marketers make $ 3-5 a month or more. In the context of Bangladesh, you can earn 25 to 5 or more if you can market your product properly.

Q: How and when will you receive your payment?

You can see the amount of money you have earned in your account and Vida can do it. However, if your account is less than 5 bucks, you will not be able to request a withdrawal. If your account is above 5 rupees, you can request for withdraw and within 6 weeks of your withdraw request you will receive your commissioned income and we will call you to inform you that we have sent the money to your bank account or development number. (According to your request).

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