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From the beginning of the journey, e-Sadai has been committed to providing comprehensive service. In this era of globalization, the use of technology in the current context of Bangladesh will enable the country to reach its peak of development. So we want our people to enjoy this effort. For this purpose, we are working to build a Digital Bangladesh of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh so that the people of our country can enjoy some of the services of technology.

The world of today is not denying technology but moving forward with it. Every country in the world has come to realize that economic development is not possible without technological development. Therefore, the governments of different countries are taking various initiatives to make this technology more accessible. According to a World Bank World Development Report (1/1) from Oxford University Press, a Boeing 3 aircraft could be sold for only $ 5 if the technology used to change the rate at which computer technology has dropped in the last four decades.
The government set a goal in the 21st – in the golden jubilee of our independence in 2021, the transition to the digital age of Bangladesh will be complete. It is expected that income from the IT sector will outweigh the clothing sector at this time.

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Shoriful Alam Sohel

Before to esodai , Mr. K.M. Ashraful Alam, worked as a teacher at Pabna Cadet College.
He is a social worker. His goal is to create employment by eliminating the inconsistencies of our society .
He intends to develop new technology by removing the dilemma of the people in the investment.

Shoriful Alam Sohel. (CEO)  http://www.esodai.com.bd

Mr. Shoriful Alam Sohel holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Management and an MBA degree in Human Resource Management. Moreover, he has experience in the digital marketing and management and marketing worlds. At present, he is responsible for overseeing the business, production, business design and marketing departments of the company.

Mr Shoriful Alam Sohel believes that Bangladesh has the power to establish the most powerful country in the world in information technology.

Therefore, this initiative is based on his desire to develop new technology to overcome the dilemma of the people of the country through proper investment. He has been working tirelessly to improve the quality of life of our people through the proper use of information technology. Its main purpose is to create opportunities for the working people of the country, reduce unemployment and contribute to the development of the country.




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